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Our Quirky Phone Habits: What Does the Digital Urge Signify?

Ever felt that irresistible urge to check your phone, even when there's no buzz or beep to prompt you? It's like your mind has a mind of its own, nudging you towards that glowing screen. This constant pull isn't just about curiosity—it's a little game our brains play with us. You see, every notification, like, or message delivers a tiny hit of pleasure. It's dopamine, our brain's feel-good chemical, saying, "Hey, that was nice. Let's do it again." So, when you resist, your brain keeps tugging, wondering where its next dose of joy is hiding, and hence your urge keeps playing back and forth with the phone.


And then there's this search for answers amidst the digital noise. Answers to questions that we don’t really speak, leave apart asking someone. A few minutes later, you only find yourself hunting for something on social media, only to get lost in a maze of unnecessary memes, reels, and videos. It's like trying to find a single puzzle piece in a room filled with a hundred (unnecessary but attracting) others. Our phones are like vast treasure troves, overflowing with information—some useful, some might not be. And it is not easy to sift through this vast treasure trove. Most of the time, we get lost easily. We start searching for something else, we end up checking out something totally different.


This is not it, there is another weird but common phone behavior these days - The unopened message dilemma—a classic tale of phone hesitation. You know someone's messaged, yet there you are, staring at that notification with a mix of curiosity and reluctance. You should answer but you do not want to answer.


Before we get to the previous points, let me tell you - it's okay to feel that way. It is absolutely okay to experience such dilemmas. You just need to talk back to your mind. Maybe it's a chat you've been avoiding, or perhaps you're just not in the right headspace. Whatever the reason, acknowledging that feeling can be the first step to a more genuine response.


All in all, there are ways to untangle the digital web. Instead of being swept away by the constant stream of notifications, try finding tools that can help you stay focused. Yes, there are apps out there designed to tame the digital chaos. (Yes, again a digital solution but better than the mess we ourselves get into). These apps can help you limit screen time, declutter distractions, and even remind you to take a mindful pause from the digital buzz.


By understanding these little quirks of our phone habits, we can reclaim a sense of control. When you resist the urge to mindlessly scroll, it's not just a small victory—it's an act of self-care. It's saying, "Hey, I'm here, in this moment, and I choose what fills my time."


And if, despite your best efforts, you find that your phone use is causing more distress than delight, it might be time to reach out for some extra support. As a psychotherapist, I've seen how talking through these habits can shed light on deeper needs and desires. Sometimes, the answers we seek aren't in the digital realm but within ourselves.


So, the next time your phone beckons, pause for a moment. Take a breath. Ask yourself what you truly seek. Is it connection, knowledge, or simply a moment of peace? By understanding our motives, we can navigate this digital landscape with a little more clarity and purpose.


Remember, your phone is a tool, not a master. Take charge, set boundaries, and explore the world beyond the screen. Who knows what treasures await when we look up from our digital shores?





Komel Chadha



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