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How to have a relaxing, deep sleep every night

What’s your sleep issue? Are you unable to leave your phone at night? Do you not feel sleepy before midnight? Do you wake up tired? Or are you unable to wake up on time? What challenges do you face living the most critical aspect for your physical and mental well-being?

It is understood that sometimes its work stress, sometimes it is due to a disturbed relationship and sometimes it is because of overthinking or our addiction to social media that we don’t get a so-called good night's sleep. As a result, we aren’t able to wake up early and engage in activities that we want to do for personal growth. Or, we wake up hurriedly and remain stressed throughout the day. If the pattern continues for some time, it causes unwanted stress, and no wonder, then we start operating from an irked-up brain. Our decisions get affected, and our mood remains affected all the time, and this then continues for a long time. Happens…right?

Where is the issue in this entire pattern? And what can we do about it?

Of course, we will convince ourselves with words that my work causes me stress or I have to give relaxed time to my relationship even if it’s at the cost of some sleep or I don’t get time to look at my phone throughout the day and likewise. Agreed, that’s true for most of us. But how can we have a balance here? Are there ways to keep up with the other aspects of life without losing a refreshed mind? Let's explore!

The small concept explained below should help!

If the mind is continuously at work, you cannot put it at rest immediately.

For example, think of a train journey! When you are on a moving train, your body is in constant vibration mode. Even when you get down, the fluids in the body still remain in motion and settle down gradually. The same is true for the mind as well. If it has worked throughout the day, it will be difficult to put it to sleep on command. It just won’t fall asleep. As such, it will nudge you to continue working even when your body needs rest. It would want this in order to maintain its motion in which it was throughout the day. So that “it is not at discomfort” even if you are uncomfortable or disturbed.

Slow down at the end of the day! Consumption of phone content keeps your mind alert. Your body is at rest but your mind is not and hence the discomfort throughout the night. Overthinking does the same. Slow down if you want good sleep.

You shouldn't expect that your mind will master this little thing in just one night. It will take time. Do it every night. Begin slowing down. Start leaving your phone aside at least half an hour before sleeping (and half an hour after waking up as well). Start getting into leisure mode towards the end of the day. If there are pending tasks, put them on paper or on a notepad and tell yourself that you will figure out something for them tomorrow (yes, it works), and then hop onto the bed. Just be with yourself at this time. Slow down.

Point is that if the mind is in some form of habit pattern for long, it won't leave it immediately. So, make many small efforts to get results. Give your mind also time to adopt the new habit.

Initial few days it will not be easy but if you start doing it religiously, it will help.

We all know how important sleep is to our health. It is proactive mental and physical care. It can help us have a positive day and positive outcomes in life. So increase its value in your life. It is one of the most significant forms of self-care.

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